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The Game
Ha-joon the North Korean National coach showed Frank he knew how to coach, but Frank noticed the tension between Ha-joon and his star player Chul-soon.  Chul-soon was dominant racking up 30 points in his team’s 120-107 win over the team from Viet Nam.
His coach after the game shaking his head said to Frank,  “Did you see the disrespect  Chul-soon showed me and his teammates? But say what you want about Chul-soon and the things he says, you can’t deny his ability on the court. He could be great for us if he wasn’t so selfish.”
 Frank was never stuck with perfunctory dialogue, “With his untapped ability, he could take your team to another level. Let me give him a tongue lashing, he smiled and walked over with the interpreter.
Frank watched the North Korean basketball star sitting slumped in his chair, knees wide apart, cheerfully reading from his cell phone in his hand.
Frank with an attitude of scoffing amusement said, “So you are, the venerable’, ‘the brilliant’, ‘the incomparable’, ‘the great living legend  Chul-soon. I am not impressed; you couldn’t play for a junior high team in the United State”.
 Chul-soon broke  off looking at his phone with a frown he muttered to the interpreter, ” Who is he?”
  As the interpreter spoke Frank said, “Tell him,  I am “The famous and infamous’, ‘inimitable’, ‘iconic’, ‘pioneering’, ‘mega coach, ‘the fabulous’, ‘coolest old American basketball genius who did not come to tell him how good he is.”
The  interpreter looked up, grinned and said: “I’ve been collecting English phrases but you lost me on some of them.”
“Okay, just tell him I have watched his game and he has no moves to the left; he has a poor mid-range jump shot and he can’t box out his own grandmother.”
 Frank painted unsubtle images with great not so great subtlety,
” Tell him, after half a year of ignoring his coach, Chul-soon will now listen and learn how to play true basketball from Ha-joon or I will come back with my team  of blind players and he will  be embarrassed by the beating they will give him .”
Frank strolled off the court and out of the arena he had a plane to catch  Viet Nam.

action backboard ball basketball
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