A meeting

Albert was confused and he sought Frank out to complain about his role on the mission. Each time Albert transgressed into self-doubt, Frank provides enough internal counterargument to muddy Albert’s negative interpretation of the upside down world of professional field agents.
Albert’s voice warbled” Frank do you have a moment, I am dumbfounded, it’s amazing how often the leading lights of Masada 2 become obsessed with sensationally trivial things about how we are proceeding. They are micromanaging me and I have had it.”
Frank put down his iPad and replied carefully, “Let me just stick a pin your naive beefing, If you’re not sure how your values align with those of the current Masada 2 leaders, then let me help you. Don’t think the Iranian Mullah’s have a lot of big things to talk about beyond establishing a religious oasis all through the Middle East, and destroying Israel, they don’t, but the Judges do. The Iranian’s believe that democracy is a “passing fad”; the Judges understand American’s preoccupations of the far right/radical right/whatever the free-speech snowflakes are demanding to be called this week. They use the clash of civilizations to their advantage; their thinking is kind of Fourth Reich Utopian. Make no mistake, if they got their way it would be an act of dispossession far greater than a flotilla of a million refugees for the USA.”
“I apologize if I am too harsh; be honest, Albert you like being something more than who you were. You aren’t going to shower and saunter back to Boston to your old life; you are tattooed down to your DNA with a harshness this work corrupts all of us with. Your wife and children will not replace the golden opportunity Masada 2 gave you to be totally morally unleashed. Believe me, it is a feeling that can’t be duplicated or given up like an opioid.”
Albert felt like his morality had been strangled.He was torn; his mind was falling into the void somewhere between the truth in Frank’s words and desperately hoping Frank was wrong.
I try to make my characters are moving and poetic. “ I like to think I help the people I eliminated take a special elevator to hell people like Wang.”

full frame shot of eye
Photo by Vladislav Reshetnyak on Pexels.com

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