Going Home

Aaron felt like this mission had dragged him across concrete and he needed to gather his thoughts. The slippery eel that is life doesn’t really lend itself to designations of fairness and unfairness, and he was in no mood to share his feelings with Albert he would leave that to the mouthpieces at Masada 2 happy they got their money back. There’s really no other way to characterize the impersonal habit of people saying one thing and not mentioning the loss of the innocent young woman they brought from Boston.
Aaron knew that he would provide a designated endpoint for the discourse surrounding the team’s loss of Ja-kyung . He left the train’s car and headed to the sleeping area.
Frank and Albert commiserated over how Aaron can so quickly get offended.
“Frank, why can he say such villainous things and remain worthy of our admiration?”
Before Frank could answer Hung shot them both a look. Hung’s unparalleled gore’s stark intensity tangled and pierced Albert’s concerns. without a word, they knew the power behind her silence and now she would talk and reveal the reality of her mind of a warrior.
Hung chastised Albert,” Why are you so emotionally invested in worrying about what Aaron thinks of you? You don’t have the pastiche of Frank, but you will do just fine on the rest of the assignment.”
Stoically she recounted the abject failures, and successes of the mission; Ja-kyung is dead we can do nothing about it. At least she died for the right reasons, not too many people can say that. We have the Iranian kid, you retrieved the Masada 2’s cash and we avoided being killed by both the Iranian and Judges hit squads.”
Unfortunately, Albert’s mind wasn’t hearing her words all he could think about was Ja-kyun’s dying, her black hair soaked with blood, it falling over her petite body like a Bram Stoker’s Dracula surreal gothic play, her image ever infused into his psyche.

man in black jacket holding red smoke on metal bridge
Photo by Александр Прокофьев on Pexels.com

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