The Truth Revealed

From my Book, ” Laundered Souls” 

Albert was boggled like a dog trying to decipher a magic trick he couldn’t move forward.  He was trapped encased in his realization that Norma was a traitor.  There was a  true failure to impose justice against the people that killed his colleagues now he knew why. There was a recognizable pious relish in Norma’s shtick as a defender of Israel it was even more crushing to Albert that Norma was able to both present her behavior as an agent so well she  that she was promoted three times, within Masada 2’s inner circle. From that platform, she directed Masada 2 activities and misdirected any real attempts to bring the Judges down. He realized that his team was sent by her North Korea for the soul reason  to die and cover her mistakes.

Norma was very composed she saw Albert’s disbelief she could be so cold, “ Albert it was simple working for the Judges became ever more lucrative than working for Masada 2. Albert, Do you read the bible?”

“Not really Frank does though he is an expert. I am getting tired of your analogies.”

She frowned as if she were hurt, but continued, “Albert you are an interesting man and more than meets the eye; I am sorry if I underestimate you just yet, but I do. I read the Old Testament and even the New Testament, it is kind of my hobby; in James 1:19 it is written, “You must all be quick to listen, slow to act that is how an investigation is done.  Do you see that clues will jump out at you like Jacks-in-the-Boxes; you have to view them as they fly by or you will lose them. It’s really hard but that is what I do very well. It’s placed in your mind  where a lucid exposition of facts rains down like mortar fire on you and the fleeting exchanges of data paint a picture that solves problems.”

Her voice rose. “And the fact that people don’t realize that about life is kind of ridiculous to me. it has been one of my biggest professional challenges, it should be yours too,” she said. “When I allowed myself to be the boldest version of myself, I realized I was more willing to take risks, to be more powerful —  and my true capacity was unleashed. You should try it.”

“ Norma, I don’t know if you are a poet or some kind of Hebrew scholar so what is this all about?”

She smiled,” I have always been a person who is kind of flowery in my descriptions, but you come right to the point; what else would I expect from an accountant.”

She then looked at Hung almost sadly, “ I guess you are going to kill me aren’t you?”

Hung sneered, “As you know I am impatient with the slow processes of justice; I am supposed to bring you in for questioning. She hesitated for a second then pulled the trigger of her Taurus nine millimeter handgun so that a circular hole in Norma’s skull appeared.

Albert was shocked. “ What the hell”. he shouted.

Hung nodded, “ I owed this to her. it is part of my profile as a vigilante;  I just reduced the number of traitors on the streets.”

“Hung it is a warped justification for her murder, but I my heart I am glad you did it. Write it up anyway you like and I’ll support it.”

She gave him a quizzical look and said, “I’ll call the cleaners.”

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